Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mother's Day

Last year I waited until the last second to figure out what I would have my kiddos make or do for Mother's Day. I still remember scrambling around trying to come up with something cute and meaningful for them at the last minute. It's not that I don't love moms, it's just that it comes at a time of the year that is so busy. We always have testing at that time and we have a big Spring musical every year in May. So.......that's my excuse!

Well, this year I won't need an excuse. I have worked on the cutest Mother's Day stuff this week during my break so I will be prepared! I have lots of writing ideas. I just love giving my kiddos a writing prompt and reading what they write. They are absolutely adorable....out of the mouths of babes! They say just what they think! I love it! Here's a preview of a few of my pages.

I also made a page for my kiddos to do a self portrait of their mom. I will use all the writing pages in my packet to put together as a book and then use this portrait page as a cover for my book. I can't wait to see how these turn out!

This doesn't include all of the pages in my packet but it's a preview of what is in it. This packet has a craftivity flower basket that my kiddos will write what they will do for their moms on the stems of the flowers, bookmarks to color and laminate, an acrostic poem, a tree map about moms and a coupon booklet. Lots of ideas and activities to choose from!

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Don't ya just love being on vacation? I know I do. I think I start looking forward to vacation as soon as the other one is over. 

This year we were double blessed since we had parent/teacher conferences on Thursday and we had Friday off for Good Friday. 

Vacation started for me on Friday. Double bonus!!!!!!

Of course, whenever we have a vacation parents often leave a few days early or come back a 
few days later. Last week I had two students who were going on a trip and going to miss a few days of school. I put together this Vacation Journal for them to take with them. Now when my students are going on a trip and missing some days of school I 
have a vacation journal ready to go!

In my classroom I have a few class bears so I had my students pick out a bear to take with them
on their trip. Then they took their bear and Vacation Journal with them on vacation.

Both the bear and my student get a passport!

Here are some of the pages from their
Vacation Journals. I also made a Vacation Journal without a bear theme so even if you don't have a classroom bear you could still use it with your students.

 I also included games to play in the car or on an

Had to include the License Plate game!!

I can't wait for my kiddos to return from vacation and share their
trip with us!

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Vacation Journal!!