Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The sounds of /wa/ and /war/

My kiddos have been busy learning the sounds of /wa/ and /war/. To help them learn we did word sorts, some hands on activities, and word building. We made these fun turkeys with our /war/ words.

To build /war/ words we sang this little song.

A building we will go,
A building we will go.
We'll take a /war/,
And add an /m/,
And then we have warm.

My class this year loves to sing! If I turn anything into a song, they learn it faster and remember it. If only I could carry a tune!! Fortunately, they don't seem to care.

We used a Build the Word activity to make
more /war/ words. My kiddos cut the letters
out and then we built words. I did this the same way as I would do a Making Words activity.

Then I had one of my kiddos make the word on the board. They loved using the magnetic letters on the board and I loved that they were engaged and motivated to learn! It's also really helpful to have the paper copy that the rest of the students can do at their seat. This keeps everyone involved and helps cut down on behavior issues.

We followed up our week of the /w/ sound with a word sort.

 My kiddos wrote the words in the right column and then crossed the word off the word sort paper.
I made these two posters to hang in my classroom to help us remember the sounds of w.

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