Friday, July 10, 2015

Ten on Ten

Hi All,

I'm excited to link up with Rachel Parlett over at The Classroom Game Nook for Ten on Ten Linky Party! A big shout out to Rachel for hosting! Now I get to share with you 10 fun things that I have been doing over the summer or looking forward too.
First I should let you know that this summer is very different from the past 12 summers. For the 12 years I have been the Summer Camp director at our school. I started the program with the idea that I could help students by giving them a safe place to play with friends and learn at the same time. I wanted to help them avoid the "summer slide" by doing fun simple review through games and activities. The idea was that they would be reviewing, without realizing that we were already doing it.
In the beginning I had only my daughter (a middle school student) helping me, but as the program grew one of my best friends and coworker decided to come on board and help me out. We had so much fun and loved spending our days with these kiddos. 
Well, after 12 years, this year I decided to take the summer off. I had a very busy year and really felt that it was important to take my summer off and recharge. I really miss my campers but I am enjoying lots of new summer activities.

First thing that I did when school got out was to clean my classroom. It was a mess! I was sick on the last day of school, so as soon as it ended I went to the doctor and then went home and rested for about 4 days. As soon as I was feeling better my mom and aunt joined me at school and helped me clean out my big walk in closet, my cabinets, and my shelves. We threw lots of junk away and organized the rest. I even got rid of a lot of my big pieces of furniture. We hauled the rest of the furniture out and it is ready to have the floors painted. Our school does not have the staff to do any of the painting or cleaning so it becomes a family, friend, and parent volunteer affair. So thankful I have lots of those! I will be doing a post as my room slowly gets put back together so you can see the before pictures and what it looks like when it's done.

 We got out of school so late this year that it seemed I just got my room wrapped up and 4th of July was upon us. We had a wonderful day with a family bbq and lots of badminton. 

Check out this big guy!!!! He spent one whole day in the yard looking for food under the bird feeder. 
One of the best parts of having the summer off is getting to spend time with great friends. 

 Of course I'm spending lots more time with these two guys too!

I now have time to work on new products.

I met up with a couple of friends and we had a picnic of Chinese food while overlooking one of the oldest lighthouses in America, Portland Head Light

Next up on the Summer agenda is a vacation to the Berkshires with these two 4th of July cuties!! We are already planning a stop at the American Girl Store!

Should be lots of fun!

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  1. Congrats on your first summer off in 12 years, it must be so nice to have time to relax and recharge! I just love having so much free time in the summer to be with my kids...of course I sneak in a little school work every day, too. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. It's good to take time off for yourself and it looks like you are having some fun & getting in some work, too!
    I am interested in finding out more about your summer camp. We've been talking about doing something like that at my school too.

  3. Kudos for all the years you worked with students over the summer so they would have a place to play and learn. Many students across the country could benefit from programs like that. For some kids, being at school is the best part of their day. Have great fun on your vacation. Sounds like it will be an awesome trip!