Monday, May 2, 2016

Math Fluency and More!

I'm super excited to share what I have been doing for the end of the year in Math! Did I just say end of the year???? I can't believe we are there already! 

I have a couple of fun announcements that you won't want to miss so stick around until the end of the post so you don't miss anything! 

First I would like to share some math ideas with you. One of my many goals for my second grade students is that when they leave me they will be fluent in their math facts. I know that they need to practice, practice, practice.....BUT how can I make that a little more fun for them so they are a little more motivated to learn. 

The first thing I came up with was GAMES! Do your students love games as much as mine do??? As soon as I say everything off your table they know a game is coming. The other day I heard one of my students whispering to another student, "this means were playing a game" I LOVE when they are excited and motivated!

The first game I made was a Scoot game. Now I certainly didn't invent Scoot. It's been around for a long time. However, I do make my own versions of it and my students LOVE to play it! I tend to use it a lot for Math. I also made Clip It cards which is great for centers or early finishers. Before laminating be sure to mark the correct answer on the back. Then students clip their answers with a clothespin and check the answer on the back when they are done. I like it when they can self check themselves.

I also made the game BAM! My kiddos LOVE this game and I have called it lots of different names. You laminate the cards then put them in a tall can. You can use a Pringle can or I use a Crystal Light container and just wrap paper around it so no one can see what they are picking. The can goes from student to student to pick out a card. If it has a math problem on it they solve it. If they get it right they keep it and if they get it wrong it goes back in the can. If they pick a BAM card they have to put all of their cards back in. Play continues until all the cards are gone.

All of these games are on sale starting tomorrow in my TPT Store. Just CLICK HERE to go to my store and check it out.

I also put together another fun center that my kiddos have loved doing. It involves ICE CREAM and anything that involves ice cream has to be good. Right?? In Maine, we have a lot of ice cream places that are closed all winter and we can't wait for them to open up in the late Spring. 

All they had to do was match the facts to the numbers on the cones. It took them a little longer than I expected. We will be using these for the next few weeks along with our other games until we get a little faster. You can pick up these cute ice cream cones by CLICKING HERE FOR NUMBERS 1-10
OR CLICK HERE for Numbers 11-20



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  1. We play a game like BAM with multiplication. We call it KABOOM, but same concept. Scoot is awesome as well. You can do so much with games - and kids don't even realize they are learning.

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