Sunday, September 4, 2016

Classroom Reveal

I am so excited that school has finally started, but boy am I tired! Every year I say I'm going to be more organized and get things done sooner. This year I worked on things during the Summer to make the transition back to school a little easier and it did, BUT I still found myself putting in a lot of hours right up to the last minute. There is always just one more thing to do! I shared a few pictures before school started, but I thought I would share what my room looked like once I tweaked and finished it up for Parent's Night last Thursday.
This is the front of my desk. I have these cute little guys from Melonheadz and then all the names of my students. I only have 11 students this year.
 This is my reading corner. They sit on the rug or beanbags to read books when their work is done. I also have this cute table on the rug so they can sit on the floor and read at the table if they want to. I also use this table as an extra spot when we need to spread out a little for a project or hands on activity.
 This is our theme verse for the school year. 
 On the other side of the board is our calendar. I also have our Superkids poster here which is part of our reading program.
 Here is a look at the whole wall from the other side of the room.
 This class loves learning about states so I have a map of the United States. I also have word cards from our reading program and vocabulary words. I put clothespins up with mounting tape so I just have to change the cards. The area that holds my vocabulary words is made with an oil pan from an auto store. If you are looking for a way to make a magnetic space this works great! All I did was cover it with a piece of black poster board. I would have spray painted it black, but it was already mounted from last year and I didn't want to take it off the wall. I added magnetic pockets so I just need to slip in the word cards that we need for that week. Super easy to change as we go.
 I put things that I need or would like in my classroom on these cute apples and added a magnet to the back for parents to see.
 We made these super cute apples for Parent's Night. They had to fill out what they were excited to do in 2nd grade and what they were NOT excited to do. They also shared something they had done in the summer, what their favorite subject was last year, and how many are in their family. A simple project that tells me a lot about each student.
 This is my door with all my cute stars for this year!
 I saw this Bible verse up at a friend's school and really liked it so I thought I would put it up too. Used my Cricut to cut out all the letters and put it on black posterboard.
My new magnetic easel that I LOVE! It's perfect for my rug area and for doing anchor charts. 

 This is my Listen Up board. We hang all of our headphones here that we use with our iPads. They are way more comfortable for my kiddos then ear buds. 
 This is from the other side of the room facing my Smartboard. I don't like that the cart is in the middle and usually in the way. It's a pain but I live with it because I am so thankful to have a Smartboard. My Smartboard is a huge motivator for learning. I LOVE that!
 I love my new little cart on wheels that I got for FREE!!!! I got it in June, from Scholastic, with my bonus points that I had been saving all year. Just needed to add my cute little labels and it was ready to go. Hoping it helps me to be more organized this year.
 This set of cubbies is to the side of my desk. I use the baskets for everything that always collects on my desk. Everything is labeled and has a spot.
 This is my classroom from standing in the doorway looking to the side. I have four tables with three seats at each table. Then I have a rectangle table where I can do small groups. This year I am trying something new. I have 2 stackable baskets under each table where they can keep their things. They were all different colors so I spray painted them black.  

Well, that's it! That's where I will be for the next 10 months with my kiddos. I'm excited to spend the school year with them!

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  1. The room looks fantastic! We have wonderful memories from time in your class.