Sunday, February 5, 2017

Science: Life Cycles

We have been learning all about Life Cycles! My kiddos love this topic and it really isn't hard to motivate them at all! We spent a lot of time researching the plant life cycle, pumpkin and apple life cycle, ant life cycle, frog life cycle, chicken life cycle and so many more. One of our favorite books that we used was My Book of Lifecycles By Camilla De la Bedoyere.

Great pictures and lots of cool facts. I liked it because there were animals that we usually don't study for life cycles. One of my kiddos always had this book in their hands.

To wrap up our life cycle unit I came up with these fun hands on projects. They helped me to assess what they had learned by seeing how they put the phases of the life cycle in order. I could also tell by how they labeled each phase.

Aren't they adorable????

You can check them out in my TPT Store!

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