Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fact or Opinion

Easter PEEPS and a Giveaway!

Want a fun way to teach fact and opinion? For the past two years I have taught fact and opinion with Peeps. My kiddos LOVE it! 

I always start with an anchor chart to discuss the differences between a fact and an opinion. I use strips and on each strip there is a clue for either a fact or an opinion. 
We read each clue and discuss whether or not it is a fact or an opinion and add it to our anchor chart. When it is done it looks like this:

For our next activity we use my fact an opinion Peep cards. I put my kiddos into groups and they work together to sort their cards. 

I created this foldable for those students who need a little more practice. 

And these strips for them to sort and put in the correct pocket.

Once they understood the differences between a fact or an opinion it was time for our next activity and time for PEEPS! This was my kiddos favorite part! I gave each one of them a Peep to eat. 

While they were eating their Peeps I told them to think of one fact about their Peep. I gave them each a post it note to write their fact down. 

They shared their fact with a buddy to see if they agreed with them. If they both agreed that it was a fact, then they put their post it on our second anchor chart.

Then we did the same thing except they had to write an opinion about a Peep. Then we added it to the other side of our anchor chart.

Now that they knew the difference between fact and opinion it was time to write their opinion paragraphs. They had to write and tell me which was better, real bunnies or Peep bunnies. 
Lots of fun AND they learned the differences between a fact and an opinion! All the activities above come from Fact or Opinion PEEPS


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