Monday, November 11, 2013

Aaargh! As in Pirate

This week in Reading we have been working on ar words. I was so excited to find Babbling Abby's Aaargh Pirate Activities on her blog over at The Inspired Apple.  After reading her blog I couldn't wait to teach ar to my class. I arrived early and posted ar words all over our hallways. Throughout the day they found the ar words and after reading them we put them on our treasure map. After we found all 16 words we got to open the treasure chest filled with candy bars! 

Several times during the day we sang our favorite ar song from Heidi's Songs.  You can find the ar as in pirate song at youtube.com or you can buy her CD/DVD.  We have her CD and use it all the time. The kids love it!  Visit www.heidisongs.com

We decided to make Aaargh! Pirates!  Check them out, they are too cute!

This week we are going to continue with our ar words.  I made some ar word cards that we will be using to play a game.  My kiddos will work in pairs with a set of cards.  They will take turns turning over a card.  If they turn over an ar card, and can read it, they write it on their pirate response sheet and they get to keep the card.  If it's not an ar word, or they can't read it, it goes on the bottom of the card pile.

We will also be building ar words this week.

 Last but not least we will play the game I Have Who Has!
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