Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grandparents Day and the First Snow Day!

What a busy weekend!  It has flown by and now I think I'm finally ready for school tomorrow.  After church this morning I headed right to school to get ready for Grandparents Day. Our school celebrates it in November instead of September.  All of the grandparents of our elementary students have been invited to our school.  This will be their chance to see their grandchildren in their school environment.  It's such an exciting day!  My firsties will head to the gym, along with the other grades, so they can sing. When they are finished we will head back to our classrooms and wait for the grandparents to come to our room to visit.  I've decided that my little ones will take their grandparents on a tour of the classroom.  Here is the paper that each one will have to help them.

 Unfortunately, not every grandparent is able to make it so for those students I will have a paper that they can work on at the same time.

I also let me students, that don't have a grandparent visiting, use our classroom iPads to take pictures. They love doing this and I love having pictures to remember the day!

Later in the afternoon, my colleague, Mrs. Waugh will join us to predict the first snow day.  This is sooo much fun!  We have been doing this for several years and the kids love it!  Who doesn't love a Snow Day?????  I love getting that call in the morning telling me to stay in bed and enjoy the day off.  It's a day to stay warm and cozy in your pj's drinking hot chocolate. Later in the afternoon you can head outside to shovel the driveway, play in the snow, and make a snowman. So much fun!  We look forward to our first Snow Day so why not predict when it will happen.

Every family gets homework to pick out the day they think will be our first day off from snow.  It has to be a complete day off, not just a go home early day.  They also have to predict how many inches of snow we will get. In my First Snow Day Packet, I have a parent letter and a prediction paper. I passed out the homework last week so tomorrow is the day that we will chart our predictions. After we finish we will hang it in the hallway so we can keep checking it.  We also have a mystery bag that they can try to guess what is in it.  We always fill it with things for our snow day party.  

Once we have our first snow day of the year we will
celebrate the following day.  On that day we will have a
snowman craft, a snowy snack, play a snowman game, do
a creative writing assignment, label the snowman, and a sequencing activity. It is always a full day but a fun day

If you are interested in this packet, check it out at my
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How about you?  Do you celebrate your first snow day like we do?

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