Friday, January 30, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Here in New England we have been digging out from Winter Storm Juno. Two snow days and 24 inches of snow later and we were back to school today!

All of my kiddos and the second graders knew that whenever we headed back to school, we would have a Snow Party! Last Fall we sent home a school calendar and a prediction paper and asked our first and second grade families to predict when they thought the first snow day would be. We consider a snow day to be a full day off from school due to snow.

So today was the big day and my kiddos were so excited when I met them at the door! We read some of our favorite snow books like Sneezy the Snowman and The Snowy Day. Then we made the cutest snowman! I just love the food crafts you find on Pinterest! These snowman were pinned from worthpinning.com

After we made our adorable snowman we put the kiddos to work making words out of the letters in snowman. They are so smart! I thought this would be hard for a lot of my kiddos, but they did great. 

One of my little guys even came up with the word woman. I was so impressed! 

We played a cute snowman game called, Do You Want to Build a Snowman? There are lots of different versions of this game. I made a key for the kids to follow and a sheet for them to draw their snowman on. Basically, they take turns rolling a die. The number it lands on tells them what to draw. The first person to finish their snowman wins the game.

We ended our party by watching The Snowman and the Snow Dog by Raymond Briggs. It is a wordless picture book just like The Snowman. They loved it! Since I found it so late last night and didn't have time to get my own copy we watched it on youtube.

The two snowman games are available for free at my TPT Store and you can download it by CLICKING HERE


You can also get my Snow Day Packet so you can make your own snow day predictions by 

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We are having SNOW much fun! Good thing, we are expecting 
4-8 more inches tomorrow!!!!

and maybe another snow day.......