Saturday, January 10, 2015

Five For Friday

I'm joining up with Doodle Bugs for her weekly Linky party sharing five of my favorite things for this week. My kiddos were excited to be back and had lots of stories to share. We also welcomed a new little guy into our classroom on Monday.


On our first day back we took these pieces and made the cutest snowman. This was the first time my students had done a glyph and they loved it! I decided to photocopy the pieces onto colored copy paper so they just had to think about what their answer was to the question and cut and paste. Here is the finished result.



                                        Aren't they adorable?


                              Three of our favorite Snow books that we read this week!




This week we worked on long a. We used these cute snowman to do a long a word sort.


I finally broke down and bought myself a laminator to use at home. I LOVE it!!! It works great and now instead of sitting at school for hours laminating I can do it at home. The best part was that I got it on sale and only paid $16! Can you believe that?? It sells regularly for $80. I love a good bargain!


Our favorite app this week is an app called Math Slide: Tens and Ones by Math Adventures Education. My kiddos loved it! Four students can play at a time so I broke my class up into groups and gave each group an iPad. If you only have 1 iPad in your classroom you can use this game for early finishers or as a center for 4 students. If you are familiar with the app Futaba, then you will understand how this app works. Four students join the game. Once you push the start button a number will appear in the center box. Each player needs to find that number and push it into the center box before another player. The great part about this app is that the number is on 2 dice, fingers, might be a math problem, it could be in any form. Great for subitizing. If you purchase Math Slide: Place Value School Edition there are numerous games that get harder and harder. I shared this app with the K-5 teachers at my school because they can all use it. 



I know that across the U.S. the temperatures were a record low and here in Maine was no exception. The kids were not able to get out for recess most of the week because it was sooo cold BUT despite that we had a great week and they learned a lot!





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  1. Hi Nancy! Those snowmen are SO cute!! Oh my word! I'm also going to have to check out "Sneezy the Snowman" It looks adorable, thank you for sharing!
    I wanted to stop by and let you know that I've posted another product swap sign up on my blog if you're still interested in joining this one. I'd love to have you!! :)
    Have a fabulous week!
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